LONDON, Ontario – 23 Mai 2023, pharmaceutical leaders BCE Pharma and PCCA announced a new partnership to help Canadian pharmacies that prepare sterile and non-sterile compounding achieve the highest practice standards. Together, they will provide thirdparty evaluation services and modern technology tools to ensure pharmacies meet and exceed the practice standards set by pharmacy regulatory bodies in Canada.


“Partnering with BCE Pharma allows us to merge our expertise and resources, and empower Canadian pharmacies to achieve regulatory compliance,” said PCCA General Manager Amanda Cassel. “Together, we’re committed to making a profound difference by enabling these pharmacies to provide personalized medicine that makes a difference in patients’ lives.”


Dr. Régis Vaillancourt, Vice-President of Pharmacy Affairs, further adds, “This partnership aims to make the preparation of both sterile and non-sterile compounds in pharmacies safer, more efficient and more consistent.”


PCCA and BCE Pharma will provide hands-on training with rigorous evaluation methods, administered and supported by a team of highly skilled and experienced evaluators. The external evaluation of staff skills will help improve performance and compliance, while facilitating continuous training. BCE Pharma’s online tools will provide accurate activity monitoring and a platform for information sharing on established policies and procedures within the pharmacy.

To get in touch with us, you can contact PCCA by phone at 800.668.9453 or send us an email at This team will provide prompt and helpful assistance to pharmacy inquiries and feedback. For a more direct experience, visit with the team at the PCCA Canadian Compounding Conference in Calgary, AB, on June 16-17.

About PCCA

PCCA supports the creation of personalized medicine and innovative products that make a difference in patients’ lives. As a complete resource for independent compounding pharmacies and health systems, PCCA provides high-quality products, education and support to more than 3,000 pharmacy members and customers throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries around the world. PCCA has supported pharmacy compounding in Canada for more than 20 years. Learn more at

About BCE Pharma

BCE Pharma Inc, a Canadian company founded in 2008, is recognized for its pharmacy quality management program. It specializes in technology solutions that facilitate staff training and management of sterile and non-sterile compounding activities. The company’s QUESS program is built around the company’s core values of Quality, Uniformity, Efficiency, patient Safety and employee Safety. BCE Pharma is committed to improving pharmacy compounding practices through quality, technology and dedicated service. Learn more at .

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