Healthcare workers who prepare or administer hazardous drugs or who work in areas where these drugs are used may be exposed to these agents in their workplace.


More than 5.5 million healthcare workers are potentially exposed to hazardous drugs. (NIOSH)

Definition of Hazardous Drugs

Hazardous drugs include antineoplastic drugs used for cancer chemotherapy, antiviral drugs, hormones, some bio-engineered drugs and other miscellaneous drugs. (NIOSH)


USP <800> and NAPRA recommend the surface sampling of antineoplastic residue twice a year. BCE Pharma offers this service to hazardous compounding facilities.

What are the objectives of this service?

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Contribute to the assessment of safe practices in the workplace

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Evaluate the potential exposure of hazardous drugs to staff

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Validate the effectiveness of the decontamination procedure

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Assess the quality of the standard operating procedures

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Monitor results history with online logs

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