BCE Pharma is a Canadian leader with its quality management program for compounding sterile preparations in pharmacy. The company’s mission is to provide service and to give support and advice to organizations to help them meet the required standards in effect.


  1. Quality : improve efficiency, security and uniformity
  2. Autonomy : equip, transmit specific know-hows
  3. Innovation : develop, promote use of technology and best practices
  4. Respect : value the contribution of each individual in attaining the objectives of the organization
  5. Professionalism : discipline, show proof of integrity
  6. Collaboration : listen to the client in order to meet the needs of the client with the best expertise available


BCE Pharma started its activities in 2008 with three employees. Through its rigorous analytical process, BCE Pharma has built a strong reputation in work reorganization and organization of pharmaceutical service plans in hospitals.

In order to offer excellent service, the business model is based on an internal team with strong expertise and an advanced continuing education program combined with external partnerships when case specialized expertise is required.


Policies and procedures manual and a training program adapted to the Canadian context for compounding sterile preparations in pharmacy for both non-hazardous and hazardous drugs.


Environmental control program for non-viable particles for 15 hospital centres.


Version 2.0 of the training program including the use of media fill testing.


Environmental control program for viable particles.


Move of the head office to a bigger location.


Opening of a branch in Dorval (Montreal) followed by a move of the office to the downtown Montreal area.

Patent pending for work device.

Development of the quality management program QUESS 360 including four solutions: QUESS-LMS, QUESS-P&P, QUESS-LOGS, and QUESS-CONTROL.


Team of 12 employees – launch of the online training program QUESS-LMS at the PPC Convention Centre in Toronto, at the Training Workshop for Compounding Sterile Preparation organized by the APES in Quebec, at the International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Congress, at the AQATP congress in Quebec, and at the CAPT conference in Niagara Falls.

Launch of the QUESS-LOGS platform.

First sale of the QUESS 360 program to a retail pharmacy in Quebec.

First sale of the QUESS 360 program to a hospital center in Quebec.

Registration of the design of the needle-cap support QUESS-CAP to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

Registration of the design of the needle-cap support QUESS-CAP to the European Patent Office.


QUESS-LMS receives the Silver Award at the Canadian Awards for Training Excellence granted by the Institute for Performance and Learning.

Partnership with Healthmark as a Canadian distributor of the QUESS 360 program.

First sale of the QUESS 360 program to a hospital center in Ontario.


Launch of the needle-cap support QUESS-CAP.

Creation and first meeting of the consultative committee.

Lauch of the Sterile Compounding Live Workshops in Montreal.

Total redesign of the QUESS-LMS solution.

Registration of the design of the needle-cap support QUESS-CAP to the United States Patent Bureau.


First sale of the QUESS 360 program to a retail pharmacy in Ontario.

Accreditation of the QUESS-LMS training program by the Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy.


First sale of the QUESS 360 program to a retail pharmacy in Nova Scotia.


Our Expert Trainers

Carl Nikolaidis, B.Sc., graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry at McGill University, expert trainer in aseptic techniques for compounding sterile preparations for the BCE Pharma team. He has over 20 years of experience as a pharmacy technician in the Health Care network in Montreal. His experience in the compounding sterile preparations sector has led him to assume the position of team leader for pharmacy technicians and bilingual trainer working in close collaboration with the pharmacist in charge.


Roxanne Tellier, senior pharmacy technician since 2002, expert trainer for the Tech-check-Tech program and aseptic techniques used in compounding sterile preparations for the BCE Pharma team. She has also participated in drafting and implementing the tech-check-tech guidelines for a hospital. She has many years of experience in the field of compounding sterile preparations. Her work responsibilities have helped her to acquire the necessary skills to become a trainer for pharmacy technicians and oncology personnel.


Our Expert in Microbiology

Serge Schinck, expert consultant in microbiology for BCE Pharma, has a solid 17 years of experience in microbiology and 11 years in pharmaceutical environmental monitoring. Mr. Schinck is a senior microbiology analyst and laboratory supervisor. In addition to being project manager, he is also responsible for the staff and infrastructure. Mr. Schinck is recognized as a training officer in environmental control by Schering-Plough.

Along with his expertise on the USP guidelines, he is able to offer advice on developing environmental sampling plans and act as an advisor on corrective measures to be taken.

Privacy policy

BCE Pharma is committed to protecting the privacy of its users, adhering to the principle of trust, integrity and professionalism in accordance with the provincial and federal legislation, the ethical code of pharmacists and the highest moral and ethical standards. To better understand how BCE Pharma protects your privacy , Please contact us at: support@bcepharma.com

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