1 month free trial to QUESS-LMS (Learning Management System) on a subscription to QUESS-360 

1. BCE Pharma is an established market leader for the provision of training and management tools intended for the sterile and non-sterile preparations compounding sector.

  • Developed by industry veterans with years of pharmacy compounding experience.
  • Offers you a modern Quality Assurance Program for monitoring, evaluating, improving, and documenting activities and processes.

2. Quess 360 is a comprehensive solution for sterile and non-sterile compounding.

  • Unique training paths for each of the primary functional roles from the compounding of preparations to the maintenance of your facilities.
  • Practical training and assessment using the QUESS-APP mobile application.
  • Compliant with the NAPRA standards.

3. Flexible online training for your team.

  • 24/7 access to the QUESS-LMS portal from any standard web browser.
  • Online theoretical training and evaluation can be done at your convenience.
  • Constant monitoring of your staff’s learning progression.

4. Peer conducted practical evaluation on iPad.

  • In-charge personnel provide practical examinations for staff, guided step by step through QUESS-App on iPad.
  • Certification of staff provided upon successful completion of practical evaluation.
  • Provides third party certification.

5. Extensive administrative tools.

  • Full management for all activities performed in your facilities.
  • A wealth of data at the tip of your finger.
  • Generate statistical reports and graphs.
  • Directly manage your learners.
  • Visibility into your staff training helps identify when personal assistance is required.

Online archives

  • All training and certification history.
  • All facility logs (temperature, humidity, etc.).

BCE Pharma’s QUESS-LMS solution is a learning management system that offers a complete training and assessment program including an interactive online theoretical portion. QUESS-LMS covers all the required competencies for the training of pharmacy personnel assigned to the compounding of sterile and non-sterile preparations.


QUESS-LMS is intended for:

  • Pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants
  • EVS/housekeeping personnel assigned to cleaning of the facilities
  • Authorized visitors such as certifiers and trainees
  • Educational institutions offering programs for pharmacy professionals


Our courses are available for the following compounding categories:

  • Non-hazardous compounded sterile preparations
  • Hazardous compounded sterile preparations
  • Compounded non-sterile preparations
  • High-risk compounded sterile preparations (coming soon)

Our courses are accredited by CCCEP and OPQ for a total of up to 27 continuing education units.


  • Courses accredited by CCCEP and OPQ
  • Easy follow-up of the learners’ progression
  • Theoretical training and assessment completed online
  • Practical training and assessment completed using the QUESS app
  • Practical assessment in sterile compounding including an aseptic media fill test and gloved fingertip sampling
  • Access to competency assessments, lab results and answers to questionnaires of all learners
  • Issue of an attestation of participation
Quess sterile p&p

This solution is a reference tool for the personnel working in the compounding sterile preparation sector. This solution offers policies and procedures, as well as signs with text or images.

The policies and procedures were written based on current Canadian standards (NAPRA). A team of consultant pharmacists thoroughly reviewed the policies and procedures to adapt them to current applicable standards, and are updated regularly.

A certain number of signs are summary sheets for procedures. All signs are laminated with high quality waterproof plastic that allow for safe cleaning with the recommended disinfectants.

QUESS-P&P is intended for:

  • pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who perform or supervise the compounding of sterile preparations
  • cleaning personnel such as housekeeping or environmental services staff
  • technical services and maintenance staff

Sections available

  • The policies and procedures, as well as the signs, are available for the non-hazardous compounding sterile preparation sector and for the hazardous compounding sterile preparation sector.

The advantages of the solution

The time pharmacists require to develop policies and procedures can be invested elsewhere such as in clinical services. The QUESS P&P solution will standardize the work methods of all employees, ensure the quality of the compounded sterile preparations and improve the productivity of the personnel.

Quess logs

BCE Pharma’s QUESS-LOGS is an online system used for recording data required by current standards in effect for the management of compounded sterile preparations. The logs are linked to the policies and procedures of the QUESS 360 program and provide a safe environment for recording information needed to monitor the facilities and to monitor the activities of the personnel.


QUESS-LOGS is intended for:

  • pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who perform or supervise the compounding of sterile preparations
  • cleaning staff (housekeepers/environmental services)
  • educational institutions offering training based on the new standards of practice of pharmacy technicians

Available Logs

  • QUESS-LOGS proposes logs for the activities in both the non-hazardous and hazardous compounding sterile preparation sector.


  • Accessible through remote access
  • Available 24 hours a day
  • Available on PC or iPad
  • Paperless
  • Fully customizable logs adapted to the needs of the organization
  • Dashboard allowing the administrator to visualize the non-conformities at one glance
Quess control

BCE Pharma’s QUESS-CONTROL is a solution that permits a complete quality control of the facilities and primary engineering controls through viable and non-viable particle sampling performed by qualified personnel using certified, calibrated and state-of-the-art equipment.


Viable particle sampling

The viable particle sampling strategy is customized for each facility to meet current standards and best practices for environmental monitoring. Viable particle sampling is used to detect the presence of microorganisms (bacteria, spores, fungus, etc.) in the air and on surfaces within all of the ISO classified environments.

Non-viable particle sampling

The non-viable particle sampling provides the certification of the sterile compounding facilities and primary engineering controls in accordance with current NSF and CETA standards.

Smoke tests and HEPA filter integrity tests are performed to validate the proper functioning of the primary engineering controls.

A non-viable particle count and an assessment of the air change rate confirm the ISO classification of the controlled work areas.

Pressure differential, relative humidity and temperature readings are taken in the controlled work areas to ensure that these parameters are within target range and compliant with current standards.

Global Analysis

An overall assessment is carried out combining the results of the viable and non-viable particle sampling and a final report is provided to the client. In the event of non-compliant results, comments, recommendations and assistance are also provided.

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